Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Visiting Patient

Guess what.  A girl named Samantha has come to stay at my house for a little while.  She belongs to the sister of a good friend of Katie's.  Poor Samantha was in a flood recently and now she has to have surgery, and she is staying here to get her procedures done.  She does not look too bad, except for her hair being messy, but she is very shaken up.  We put her in my bed to nap after her extremely traumatizing journey to my house in a trash bag, and I brought her some tea in my favorite penguin mug.

Samantha told me all about the flood while she drank her tea.  She was being stored in a box in the basement, she said, when all the water started to come in and get her.  She was terrified and could not get out of the box; all she could do was try to keep her head above all that water, and thankfully she did and did not drown.  I got shivers down my spine listening to her!  Her story also made me remember my own past, from before I came to live with Katie. 

Before I got adopted through Ebay, I had to live in a box for a very long time.  Years, I think, but I was so sleepy and sad from being in the box all the time that I lost track.  Then when I finally got to Katie's house, her little brother got me from the delivery man and decided to play a trick by taking me hostage in his closet and leaving a ransom note for Katie to find.  He even took me out of the box and tied my wrists together, like I really was a hostage, and laughed his head off the whole time!  I thought I had come to live with crazy people, and actually wished I was back at my old house in the box!  But then Katie found me and untied me, and she was nice.  Even her hostage-taking little brother is actually nice, I discovered - he taught me and Hodel how to play Frisbee golf one summer when she was visiting.

So I know what it's like to be locked in a box and not be able to get out, though I was very lucky to never be in a flood.  I told Samantha not to be scared - she will get all fixed up and feel better than ever.  But I can't promise she won't have to go back in a box, because she probably will.  She is being saved for a little girl who might come along sometime in the future, so I think she will have to wait for that girl to someday be born and get big enough to play before she can come out and have adventures again.  Poor Samantha. :-(

She is so pretty, though, and very nice...she will make a wonderful friend for that little girl someday!