Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Favorite Disney Girl

Do you have a favorite Disney movie or character?  My answer to those questions is very easy.  It's Mulan for both - no comparison!  She is tough and brave and smart, and the scene in the movie where she decides to go to war in her father's place to save his life is really awesome...watching it kind of makes me want to give myself an epic haircut with a sword just like Mulan does. :)  Here is a clip of the haircut scene, complete with the synthesizer soundtrack that just makes the whole scene perfect:

I have seen almost all the Disney cartoon movies, I think.  I like most of them, but I'll confess that I don't like the character of Cinderella very much at all (sorry if she's your favorite). :(  I just think Cinderella is one of the wimpiest girls ever, because all she does is cry and cry and give up when things don't go her way.  If it weren't for her mouse friends making her a ballgown and getting her the key to unlock her room so she can see her prince at the end, and of course her fairy godmother fixing things so she can go to the ball, all she'd do is sit alone in her room and weep piteously.  She'd never go anywhere or do anything.  I think she would drive me a little nuts if she was my friend, to tell you the truth.  But not Mulan - she's the kind of person you could have an adventure with.

I've been a little fixated on Disney stuff lately, because...I'm going to Disney World!!  I've always, always wanted to go there, and now I finally will get to.  I almost got to go to Disneyland in California, but Katie LEFT ME AT HER SISTER'S HOUSE because she said I was too short to go on any of the rides.  I thought that was very mean of her.  I may not be a Cinderella fan, but I still wanted to see her famous castle!  But now my best friend Hodel has invited me to go to Disney World with her, so at last I will get to see what it's like.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!