Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Autumn Visit's been forever since I wrote anything here. :(  I have some pictures from wayyyy back in October that I never even posted!  But I am going to post them now, even though they are very late.

Back in October I got to go visit some relatives in Illinois.  They are little old ladies and their house smells like little old lady perfume.  But they are nice, and they gave me an antique heart charm that I'm going to put on a necklace!  I love it.

Their house is very fancy and crammed full of every decoration and knickknack you can think of.  They really like gold, so there is lots of gold stuff in there.  While the grownups talked, I explored the house and pretended I was touring an old mansion.

The bedroom upstairs looked out on a very pretty maple tree full of yellow leaves.  They were in full color when we were there.  A lucky break!  I love bright yellow autumn trees, because I have one in my front yard.  It's fun to watch it change every year.  This one was almost as nice as my tree.

Well, I hope you are all having a good winter, almost spring now - at least I hope so.  Spring in Michigan is usually very slow in arriving. :(


  1. Hi Anna Lee,

    It's good to see you posting! I haven't been very good about posting, either. It's been too cold to do anything fun - I'm sure you know how that is! I can't wait until spring arrives.

    I love exploring big, fancy houses! As Anne Shirley says, there is "so much scope for the imagination" within them!

    Your new heart charm looks lovely - I'm sure it'll make a great necklace for you!


  2. Please post more! I love your blog, it's one of my favorites! I just wish you posted more like you used to.

  3. Hi Anna Lee!

    I miss you! Have you been getting out and enjoying the nice spring weather recently?